October Teachings and Resources Recommendations

Here are two teachings and a resource centre I highly recommend for this month of October as we press into the Lord for His will and plans for this season.

Wade Taylor

Wade Taylor teaching on Overcomer (He discusses how the overcomers will have great authority to rule with rod of iron and also will “persecute” the devil as described in Isaiah 14:6. This Isaiah 14:6 teaching is new to me so I myself I’m still digesting this, having only just heard it for the first time this afternoon. Now the fact that we will be moving the earth as overcomers is not new to be as Isaiah 60:1 clearly calls us to arise and shine with great light in the mist of a dark world.

Wade Taylor on Intercession ( He discusses the Man child that will be birthed in the end time)


Paul Keith and Amy Davis

Finally we have Paul Keith and Amy Davies of White Dove Ministries. Paul Keith spoke a very important message last Sunday, that would be the 1st of October 2023. Please try and listen to that message. You’ll find it in their The Table archives. You’ll have to download their app to see most of their prophetic and timely endtime messages as well as great revelations and teaches on the Bride of Christ and preparing her. White Dove Ministries website is and you’ll be able to download their app from their homepage.