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Crypto Bull Run Prophetic Dream

Prophetic Word on Wealth Transfer, Crypto Currency Bull run, XRP

I want to share my reply to a comment made in response to this video, because I think it sums up what and how the Lord Jesus showed me Ripple XRP to invest in . The comment is a question, “Sister, how did XRP show up in your dream?”

This is my reply:

Hi Ping ping, basically I heard “X marks the spot” a few times in a very short space of time so I knew that the Lord was trying to tell me something and I needed to pay attention. I asked a prophetic friend what exactly does “X marks the spot mean” and he told me it’s a phrase used for treasure hunt map. They would put a cross (an X) on the spot in the map where the treasure is. 

Then I had a dream where I was shown a Trojan horse 🐴. Very simple short dream, I was just looking at a wooden horse. Then in the day time when I went on YouTube I saw a thumbnail of the same horse I had just dreamt of the night before. So I thought I have to watch this because the Lord is trying to tell me something. When I clicked the video the guy was talking about XRP crypto currency. The symbol for xrp is X, so I remembered the word I was hearing “X marks the spot”. And my dear ping ping, immediately I knew the Lord was letting me know that XRP is where the treasure is.

Then I asked for more confirmation and He graciously gave them to me. Even as I write this reply to you, I’m overwhelmed by how kind the Lord is. Sometimes because some prayers seem like He has not answered them, we can forget that He is 100% kind and cares and loves each of us. And those prayers, HE WILL answer them accordingly to His will and purposes, all for our good.